Tax Preparation for Individuals and Small Businesses

Artists / Freelancers / Consultants are my specialty

Advice on Common Tax Problems

I am an experienced tax preparer who worked for several years for a major national tax preparation company and am now independent.

My specialty is freelancers and small businesses i.e. people who file a Schedule C with their form 1040. This is an area where experience counts, and having the wrong person do your taxes can cost you a lot of money (if they don't get you all the deductions you are entitled to).

I am experienced with many of the common situations that make taxes complicated for the average person: Investments, Rental Property, working in multiple states, unreimbursed job expenses.

I also have substantial experience with the Earned Income Tax Credit, and other credits available to low/moderate income filers. I do not offer expensive "rapid refund" services. If you worked "off the books" you may be losing out on tax credits you are entitled to. Contact me and find out!

I can help you solve some of the common problems people have with taxes: Late/unfiled returns (I can prepare returns for any prior year you need); Offers in Compromise (i.e. you owe the IRS a lot of money that you can't afford to pay); amended returns (i.e. a previous tax return was prepared incorrectly -- I will examine your last three years of returns if you like and let you know if they can/should be amended).

I will give you and your tax situation personal attention, and explain in plain language how your return was prepared. If taxes are a mystery to you or you have "tax fear" contact me!

I can be reached at (718) 840-9482 or by email at I am located in Woodstock, NY but make regular visits to New York City. I am available for phone consultations (and can receive papers via mail) for those who are not local.