eBay Consignment Services

Stamps and Coins are my Specialty

Do you have stamps or coins that you are no longer interested in collecting? Maybe you are not a collector at all, but inherited a collection and are not sure what to do with it. Did you bring it in to a stamp or coin shop, and receive an offer you found shockingly low? You can do better!

I will estimate the value of your stamps and coins based on recent auction sales. You will have an excellent idea of what your items are worth, based on real-world prices.

I will list/sell your items on eBay using my own eBay ID. I am an eBay "Power Seller" who has been registered on eBay since 1997 with over 1000 positive feedbacks. Bidders will feel comfortable bidding on expensive items when I list them.

I handle all description writing, photography/scanning, payment collection, and shipping.

You will get the full value of the auction sales, minus my commission of 30%. This is better than what you will receive from an outright sale to a dealer. It is comparable to the fees a large auction house will charge, but: I will list your items right away and get you your money faster. I will also handle smaller lots that auction houses do not consider worth their trouble.

Contact me with a brief description of what you have for sale. I will consider items other than stamps or coins if I feel I can describe/sell them for their full value. I have successfully sold autographs, rare books, and sports memorabilia, for example.

I am located in Woodstock, NY, and make frequent visits to New York City. I can accept consignments by mail if it is not convenient to view your items in person. Email me if you are interested in sending me items.

Why my services are better than the alternatives

It's a fair question why you should consign your items to me instead of taking them to a collectibles shop, a large auction house, or running them on eBay yourself.

Q: Why shouldn't I sell my items to a retail dealer with a shop?

The main reason not to do this is you will get less money for your items. Retail shops are expensive to run (commercial rent, employees, large ads, etc.) and the shop owner stays in business by paying you less so he can have a higher markup without having to overprice the items. For most collectibles, you will get at best 50% of the "real" value of your items in a direct sale. You may get much less if you run into someone unscrupulous who does not think you know what your collectibles are worth. Beware of the buyer trying to pick only the best items out of your collection.

I will sell your entire collection, and the money you receive will be based on the actual auction sales of your items, not a made-up-by-me offer that leaves you wondering what I am going to turn around and sell your collection for. You should get at least 20% more for your collection when you consign it to me. I will show you the actual eBay listings so you can see how your items were described and what they sold for.

Why not take my items to a major auction house?

If you have a major collection ($50,000+) this may be an option for you, but consider:
  1. An auction house may not be interested in a smaller collection.
  2. There may be a long lead time before the next sale that is not full.
  3. Auction houses typically charge you a 15%-20% commission -- so they are "cheaper" than me, right? Wrong! They also charge the same amount to the buyer as a "buyers premium" so people bid less on your items to take that into account. When you take that into account, the total fees are the same or more.
  4. Auction houses typically wait over 60 days after the auction to pay you.
If you consign to me:
  1. I will accept small collections.
  2. I will begin auctioning your items immediately.
  3. I do not charge a buyers premium (and neither does eBay) -- there are no hidden fees that reduce the bids on your items.
  4. I will pay you within 14 days of the sale of your collection.

If eBay is so great, why not list the items yourself?

  1. I am an established eBay vendor -- registered over 9 years, with over 1000 positive feedbacks, and a member of the eBay "Power Sellers" program. I have sold individual items for over $5000 on eBay. Bidders will feel confident that they will receive their items and they will be as described, so will bid the full value for them. New sellers often find they cannot sell expensive items, or that buyers lower their bids to take into account the risk of buying from an unknown seller.
  2. Listing items on eBay is a fair bit of work -- and I do all of it for you! I do the description writing, scanning/photography, listing, handle contact with bidders, packing/shipping, and payment collection. All of this takes time (and patience). If you sell the items yourself, you do all the work. If you consign them, you get the items to me, and then you get money. It's that simple.