Just in case you've seen one of my other pages and are wondering who I am, or you're trying to figure out if I'm the Eric Hochman you went to school with 25 years ago:

I was born in Los Angeles (left when I was 9, before it could do me permanent damage -- I think), lived in Brooklyn for 33 years (Park Slope mostly, before it got insanely expensive), and am now in Woodstock, NY (with a brief but unpleasant stop in Poughkeepsie along the way). I was a kid living in LA during the big Woodstock festival in 1969. [People always ask me "Oh! Were you at the festival?" when they hear where I live. Nope. I didn't live here then. I was 6.]

I attended Stuyvesant HS, Columbia University, and The College of Insurance (all in NYC). I was a double major in Mathematics/Computer Science, have an MS in Computer Science, and an MBA with a Finance/Insurance concentration.

In spite of all that, I have mostly worked freelance. I like doing different things and learning new skills, so in addition to being a computer consultant, I am a tax preparer, and do collectible sales via eBay. I am a perfectionist about my work and hate doing things I am not good at, so you need not worry that the same person is fixing your computer and doing your taxes (and then selling your coin collection so you can pay your tax bill).

In my spare time, I collect stamps, play tournament bridge, watch bad movies, and read a lot of trashy Sci-Fi and Fantasy on the bus between Woodstock and NYC.

There are other people named Eric Hochman on the Web. I am not them. In particular: